The Korea-Seoul Life Science Fund (KSLSF) is a cross-border venture capital fund that invests in innovative life sciences companies. Our area of investment is broad within all sectors of life sciences, including biotechnology, drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services and healthcare convergence. We invest in early- through growth stage companies that develop differentiated and category-defining products.

We understand that pathways toward building successful companies are dynamic and require creative flexibility and unwavering conviction along the way. This justifies our investment in the capabilities and integrity of the founders and management of the companies.

Our geographical focus includes Asia and the U.S. In technologically connected world where physical mobility of talented entrepreneurs is ever so increasing, we believe that innovation and great companies can be found across different geographies. In particular, cross-Pacific interplay is fast becoming a critical growth driver for the life sciences industry. 

KSLSF is strategically positioned and uniquely operated to partake in this promising trend. We have offices in Boston and Seoul.



Our core team collectively has multiple decades of experience in the life sciences investment management, pharmaceutical operations and scientific research. In addition to our core team, KSLSF’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Advisors are highly accomplished leaders who have had important impact in their respective fields.

Core Team

B. Christopher Kim, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Dr. Kim is the Managing Partner of KSLSF. At the time of founding, KSLSF was the first cross-border biotech VC fund and the largest dedicated biotech VC fund in Korea. He is responsible for all aspects of investment, portfolio support and the Fund operations of KSLSF. He co-founded KSLSF as a partner of Oxford Bioscience Partners, an international life sciences venture capital firm located in Boston, MA. Oxford has over $1B under management invested in 149 companies. Prior to KSLSF and Oxford, Dr. Kim served as Associate Director and Head of Operations for the global BioMarker Development group at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research. He held additional roles in corporate development and strategy while at Novartis. His other work in the past include IBM Extreme Blue (Emerging Business Opportunity in life sciences) and Alkermes (neuroscience research). Throughout his career, Dr. Kim has served on board of directors or as an advisor to biotech companies, multinational corporation, investment firms and non-profit organizations in both the US and Korea. Dr. Kim received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, PhD from University of Texas Health Science Center and the MD Anderson Cancer Center and BA in economics and BS in biology from the UC Irvine. E-mail

Jonathan J. Fleming

General Partner

Mr. Fleming is a co-founder and General Partner of KSLSF. He is also President and CEO of Q-State Biosciences, an early stage neuroscience company located in Cambridge MA. Since 1996, Mr. Fleming has been the Managing Partner of Oxford Bioscience Partners. Mr. Fleming has been in the investment business for nearly 30 years, starting and financing growth companies in the US, Europe, Israel and Asia. Prior to Oxford, he was a founding General Partner of MVP Ventures in Boston. He began his career with TVM Techno Venture Management in Munich, Germany. Mr. Fleming also co-founded Medica Ventures Partners in Israel. He has served on board of directors at numerous biotech companies and non-profit organizations throughout his career. Mr. Fleming has been a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management since 2002, where he co-teaches a class on business strategy for life science managers. He holds a MS in Public Administration from Princeton University and a BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley. E-mail





Robert Kamen, Ph.D.

Dr. Kamen has more than 30 years of managerial experience in the biotechnology industry. He was president of the Abbott Bioresearch Center and on Abbott Pharmaceutical’s Executive Management Committee, after serving as BASF Bioresearch Corporation’s president before its acquisition by Abbott. His organization was responsible for the discovery and manufacture of Humira, the anti-TNF monoclonal antibody which is now the world’s top selling drug. Earlier he led research at Genetics Institute, Inc, one of the pioneering biotech companies. He is now an Entrepreneur in Residence with Third Rock Ventures and also serves on several biopharmaceutical company boards and scientific advisory panels. Dr. Kamen graduated from Amherst College with an A.B. (summa cum laude) in biophysics.  His doctoral studies at Harvard University in the laboratory of Prof. James D. Watson, resulted in a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Zürich, he moved to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories, London, where he was head of its Transcription Laboratory. He is known for his fundamental contributions to the fields of gene expression, RNA stability, molecular virology, molecular oncology and human cytokines.

Brian Seed, Ph.D.

Brian Seed is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. His academic research has centered on the creation and exploitation of genetic selections that can be applied during the transient phase of expression of exogenous genes introduced into mammalian cells, as well as the study of signaling processes in the immune system. His recent interests lie in the identification of new approaches to therapeutic discovery for the creation of biologicals and small molecules that address societally important medical needs. Dr. Seed has been an advisor to large and small biopharmaceutical companies in the US and abroad for many years.  


ChunLab, based in Seoul, is a leading provider of advanced bioinformatics solutions for metagenomics and microbiome. ChunLab has the distinguished capabilities in NGS and content management to help support its global customers.
Corestem is a clinical stage biotechnology company based in Seoul, developing adult stem cell therapies to treat nervous system disorders such as ALS and Parkinson’s disease. First KSLSF investment in 2012. IPO in 2015 (KOSDAQ: 166480).
CrystalGenomis is a clinical stage small molecule drug company which is traded publicly in Korea (KOSDAQ: 083790). CG’s pipeline includes a tissue-specific NSAID for osteoarthritis, first-in-class antibiotic drug for drug resistant bacterial infection as well as epigenetics based anti-cancer therapies. KSLSF investment in 2012 and exit in 2016.

D&P Biotech, founded in 2006, is a spinout from the School of Medicine at Kyungpook National University and KIST. D&P develops a set of genomics prognostic tests to help manage the lung cancer.

Earlogic is a privately-held, revenue stage medical device and diagnostics company. It develops hearing-related solutions for diagnostics, restoration and conservation of hearing.

EuBiologics is a vaccines manufacturer. Its leading product is an orally available cholera vaccine currently under clinical development and will be provided to developing countries through foundation-sponsored programs. EuBiologics also provides a range of biologics CMO services to pharmaceutical clients. First KSLSF in 2013. IPO in 2017 (KOSDAQ: 206650).

Founded in 2010 in Seoul, Kang Stem Biotech is a clinical stage company which develops proprietary stem cell-based therapies to treat a range of autoimmune disorders. First KSLSF investment in 2011. IPO in 2015 (KOSDAQ: 217730).

Life Pack commercializes functional corrugated containers (based on its proprietary nano-technology) that effectively prolongs and protects freshness and integrity of the container’s content. Targeted markets include the agricultural, food and electronics industries.

Pathway Genomics is a revenue-stage genetic testing company located in San Diego. It offers genetic testing and personalized reports to help individuals proactively manage their health. Its tests sell internationally as well as domestically through B2B and B2C.

PCL is a development stage diagnostics company in Seoul. It develops protein-based chips for blood banks for screening of infectious pathogens. The same technology is used in the pharmaceutical industry for new target and drug discovery. KSLSF investment in 2012. IPO in 2017 (KOSDAQ: 241820).

PharmAbcine is a privately-held clinical stage biotech company developing human therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer. Its leading program is targeted for glioma and additional research and preclinical programs include a range of first-in-class bi-specific antibodies.
Phyto Corporation is a development stage company that provides natural, low sodium organic salt. Its product has demonstrated favorable physiological effects and may offer a healthy alternative for salt and salt substitutes targeting the large global food and health food markets.
Zamat Medical is a privately-held company in Korea. It manufactures proprietary micro filter needles that reduce contamination risk during fluid and drug handling of ampoules and vials.
Technology Portfolio
Brinicle offers an integrated SNS and commerce experience through its proprietary Zero-Entry Point on the home screen of smartphones.
Technology Portfolio
N3N provides proprietary set of highly scalable delivery of images, control system solutions, visualization integration and operations analytics. N3N’s main customer is the Internet of Things industry.


Boston Office

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Seoul Office

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